Course Description

Course Overview and Goals

This course helps you understand what personal bias is and how understanding that can improve your interactions with others.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn about different types of bias
  • Perform a number of self-assessments to increase self-awareness
  • Gain useful tips to improve future interactions with others

The course is structured with 5 modules. Each module has four short videos and 2 activites/ exercises. While the course likely takes 1.5 hours total, consider tackling the modules at separate sittings.

Seema Rao

Seema Rao has almost two decades of experience in education. In her work, she has particular experience helping non-profit and museum volunteers improve their communication and interpersonal skills through inclusive language practices.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Understanding Where You Stand

    • Course Overview

    • Intro Video

    • Self Definition Quiz Introduction

    • Self-Definition Quiz

    • Follow up on Quiz

    • Tip of the Iceberg

    • Conclusion

  • 2

    Snap Judgements

    • Introduction

    • First Impressions

    • Snap Judgements

    • Adding Empathy

    • Adding Empathy

    • Conclusion

  • 3

    Stereotypes and Bias

    • Introduction

    • Harvard Bias Tests

    • Bias Quiz

    • Exploring Bias

    • Exploring Bias

    • Conclusion

  • 4

    Cultural Competency

    • Introduction

    • Cultural Competency Quiz

    • Considering Cultural Competency

    • The Spectrum of Cultural Competency

    • Conclusion

  • 5

    Becoming an Ally

    • Introduction

    • Biased Language

    • Biased Language

    • A Primer on Inclusive Language

    • Tip of the Iceberg Revisited

    • Conclusion

    • Additional Reading